Conventional radiograph V/S CT for evaluation of sagittal fracture of mandibular condyle: A Case report

Anandkumar S Sajjan(1*), Roopa P Shahapur(2), Anand V Nimbal(3), Vikas C Desai(4)
(*) Corresponding Author


Condylar fractures of mandible are not very easy to diagnose radiographicaly. If fracture is vertical, it would be much more difficult to diagnose. Since treatment depends on type of fracture, CT scan is advised rather than conventional radiographs to diagnose condylar fractures.The cases reporting to the hospital during the period of July 2019 to April 2020 were enrolled, of which 2 cases have been reported here. It was observed that there are chances of missing the diagnosis of the condylar fracture if only the conventional radiographs are used. CT along with conventional radiographs should be considered for better treatment and management of the patients with maxillofacial injuries.


Sagittal fracture, Mandibular condyle, Conventional radiographs, Axial & Coronal CT.

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